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Would you like the secret to the fountain of youth?

The most popular topics that get many likes and become a hit on your social media pages, articles, even on mainstream newspapers, etc. are about diet (slim waist, abs, how to lose weight fast) and beauty (how to stop the time, aging without showing, erase wrinkles...). Today, we will be talking about the latter. First of all, the obvious, then we will go into details. Stress in general will cause degeneration of your cells faster in all over your body. Most obvious and seems like the easiest thing to say but the hardest to manage and control, it seems like. So anything inflammatory, that is your thoughts (negative ones, repeated false beliefs, emotional baggage), your routine (too much work, bad habits), too much cardio in workout and exercises (stress to heart), working too much, worrying too much...will age you faster. What do I know anything about this? I have multiple certificates in yoga, like master degree level (5-6 years of studies), did many courses in nutrition, I gave mul

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